Audience Insights

The Audience Insights tab is designed to surface the data describing the audience exposed to the particular asset: an artist, release, or track. Unfortunately, due to the issues regarding the listener data we've described at the beginning of this guide, listener-based audience insights are only available when at the asset granularity, which means that listeners data won't be available when filtering by DSP, source type, or country.

To account for this, audience insights are also available on a stream basis by clicking the corresponding button at the top of the audience page. Audience insights by streams allow you to get to a deeper level of granularity and review the audience profiles for specific DSPs, countries, or source types (e.g., generate the audience profile for algorithmic traffic on Spotify in the UK). Yet, the stream-based audience insights are also less precise, as they skew to more engaged parts of your audience (a single listener can, theoretically, generate a 100 streams and thus be counted 100 times when generating an audience profile).

Audience insights by listeners

You can easily assess the audience profile in terms of age and gender for a specific artist, release, or track. The audience profile is generated based on listeners in the last four weeks.

Audience insights by streams

You can also assess the audience profiles in terms of age and gender at a deeper granularity level: filter by country, DSP, source type & more. Based on all streams generated during the selected timeframe.

  • Benchmark engagements rates for different audience subsets and countries/DSP

  • On-hover tooltips on the map view will allow you to quickly extract the audience profile in a specific market.

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