Compare Tracks (Track Benchmark)

The Track Benchmark tab allows you to overlay two or more tracks from the release date to put the performance data in context and assess the success of new releases.

To enable track benchmark, the tracks compared must be released within your retention period (usually 120 days). To benchmark the tracks against each other:

  1. Select tracks to compare through the track slicer at the top right of the page. Optionally, filter by DSP, country, or source type to benchmark subsets of data.

  2. Review the "Your Current Selection:" table, and select the rows you want to compare when tracks have multiple versions (e.g., single version vs. an EP version).

  3. Adjust the comparison range: set the first value to 0.

By following these steps, you should overlay two or more tracks against each other from the release date, allowing you to benchmark the performance of your past and current releases, providing context for the tracks' performance and engagement rates.

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