The general purpose of the summary tab is to present the user with a single-page, high-level overview of all subsets of data presented in the dashboard.

The summary page is designed to surface the key metrics to allow you to quickly assess the performance of an artist, release or track across different sets of data (streaming performance, programmatic support, engagement, etc.) and provide an easy way to navigate to a specific tab to explore the data in more detail.

Each section of the summary page corresponds to a particular tab of the dashboard, with the "explore details >>" button allowing you to navigate to a more detailed representation of the data quickly.

Performance Overview

This section helps you track Top-level streaming stats: breakdown of streams by DSP, delivery type & source type

Geo Analytics

Use Geo to see your best-performing markets for the period (map + table surfacing the top 10 countries).

To explore details >> navigate to the Trends page.

Engagement Overview

Top-level engagement stats (skip, sub30, completion rates), completion profile (percentage of streams played to a threshold: 25, 50, 75, 100% of the track played).

  • Completion profile data is generated using data from selected DSPs that report stream duration (Spotify & VK), so it does not cover all streams.

Audience Overview

Use this view to discover Top-level listeners stats: age & gender profile + listener's snapshots stretching back four months.

  • Audience overview by listeners is only available at the asset granularity (by track, release, or artists)

  • When applying other filters (like DSP, source type, or country), switch to audience overview by streams by clicking the button at the top of the section. Audience overview by streams is skewed towards the more engaged parts of the audience (users who generate multiple streams), but it allows for full granularity.

Programmatic performance overview

This view provides a high-level overview of the programmatic performance, split into three categories:

  • User & Editorial playlists: stream graph + top placements table

  • Algorithmic playlists: stream graph + placement selector, top algorithmic placements table

  • Algorithmic radio and autoplay: top assets on algorithmic autoplay (tracks, artists), autoplay streams by DSP + streams graph. Interacting with the pie charts allows you to quickly filter the radio & autoplay streams graph below.

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