The trends tab is designed to help you analyze the streaming performance of any given asset/catalogue in more detail, allowing you to assess streaming performance across different DSPs, source types, and markets.

Trends view is a powerful tool providing access to the wealth of first-party streaming data to empower you to assess the impact of past and ongoing marketing campaigns, definitively attribute streaming spikes and anomalies, isolate the most significant growth drivers and assess consumption seasonality.


A more detailed and upscaled representation of top-level streaming metrics: analyze performance in terms of streams, saves, and listeners by DSP, delivery types, and source types.


Geo Analytics lets you quickly understand the breakdown of streaming consumption by country. To enable a more detailed analysis, three different views are accessible by interacting with buttons at the top of the Geo Analytics section:

  • By Total Streams: a filled map allowing you to assess the best-performing markets (in terms of # streams for the period) for your selection.

  • By Streaming Growth: a filled map allowing you to find the fastest-growing markets for your selection (in terms of absolute change in streams compared to the previous period, depending on current timeframe selection).

  • View as a Table: a table-based representation of the local consumption data, allowing you to quickly sort markets by the desired metric.

Week-to-week Performance Breakdown

W2W Performance Breakdown allows you to definitively attribute streaming spikes and anomalies and isolate the most significant growth drivers for your releases. This section ignores the time frame selection and presents the conditionally formatted data on w-2-w change in streams across four key dimensions: by DSP, by asset, by country & by Source type. You can switch between dimensions by interacting with buttons on top of the section.

The rows of the w2w table can be continuously ctrl / cmd + clicked to reveal the selection on the stream graph below and verify spike attribution.

Daily/Monthly details

This section is designed to help you assess your releases' daily/monthly consumption seasonality.

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