Revenue Analytics

The revenue analytics tab is designed to allow you to track revenue trends across your entire catalog or a specific asset. Analyze the movements in revenue by DSP, storefront, country and revenue source.

Revenue Overview

Use Revenue Analytics and Revenue Per Stream (RPS) trend lines across a selected period to understand DSP-specific revenue trends at a glance, with a full table breakdown of revenue movements broken down by DSP and storefront.

A top 10 DSPs by Revenue visual allows you to understands the DSP specific trends at a glance, with a “view as a table” flip card button allowing to access the full details on revenue movements by DSP and storefront.

Revenue Sources Analytics

Understand how different sources of revenue (subscription streaming, downloads, user-generated content (UGC), etc. contribute to the overall bottom line and assess the most important growth drivers for your asset or catalogue.

Geo Analytics

View revenue composition by country. Quickly assess your highest grossing markets, understand local movements in revenue and market share by DSP in each territory. Know your highest potential markets at a glance and where you make the most money per stream.

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