RPS Analytics

The RPS analytics tab is designed to provide you with access to the entire wealth of Revenue Per Stream data to assess potential return on investment by revenue source, DSP and market. Understand how different DSPs and markets stack up to each other in terms of revenue per stream/sale, and find the subsets of consumption with the highest potential ROI.

RPS Analytics

Analyze the trend of RPS vs. previous year + historical RPS table (RPS by months and year across your entire dataset). Boxes around the section allow you to quickly drill into the specific subset of RPS data by filtering on a specific DSP or Country.

RPS Geo Analytics

The view of RPS by country allows you to understand your highest potential markets at a glance. A flip card between a filled map view (with on-hover tooltips) and an Market/DSP RPS Matrix, allows you to quickly diagnose the highest and lowest RPS by a combination of market and DSP.

RPS Lookup

Quickly find a set of RPS values. Using the slicers at the top of the section you can quickly select DSPs/Storefronts, Markets, Delivery type and asset to filter the table below and find the target RPS values. Leave one of the dimensions blank to compare RPS values across that dimension.

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