The general purpose of the summary tab is to present the user with a single-page, high-level overview of all subsets of data presented in the financial dashboard.

The summary page is designed to surface the key metrics and allow you to quickly assess the financial performance of your catalogue across the various subset of the revenue-based data (Revenue & RPS Trends, Catalog performance) while providing an easy way to drill into the data.

Each section of the summary page corresponds to a particular tab of the dashboard, with the "explore details >>" buttons allowing you to navigate to a more detailed representation of the data quickly.

Revenue Overview

Top-level revenue data: revenue & RPS trends, revenue on top 5 DSPs, breakdown by country & revenue source

RPS Overview

Top-level RPS data: average RPS for top5 DSPs, RPS vs previous year

Catalog Overview

Top-level stats on catalog structure & movements for the period: catalog composition by Release & top catalog movements

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