For Marketers

Good to know: depending on the product you're building, it can be useful to explicitly document use cases. Got a product that can be used by a bunch of people in different ways? Maybe consider splitting it out!

Sample Use Cases:

Assess the impact of an ongoing digital marketing campaign >> Trends, Engagement Analytics, Track Benchmark.

Identify growth drivers and attribute streaming anomalies >> Trends: W2W Performance Breakdown

Assess the impact of a new editorial playlist addition on streaming performance, engagement and audience composition >> Programmatic Insights, Playlist Analytics

Find the songs in the artist catalogue that could be used to spearhead a localized marketing campaign >> Engagement Analytics

Target digital advertising campaigns towards the most engaged parts of the artist audience >> Audience Insights, Engagement Analytics

Extract the audience profiles for the best-performing playlist placements (in terms of consumption & engagement) to educate marketing and playlisting strategies >> Playlist Analytics

Locate tracks in the artist catalogue picking up organic traction on TikTok to run TikTok campaigns on >> TikTok Analytics

Find the tracks in the artist catalogue with the strongest algorithmic profile: locate tracks with best engagement rates on algorithmic placements & autoplay features>> Programmatic Insights, Engagement Analytics

Assess the seasonality of streaming consumption to time marketing activities to days of the week / months of the year the artist audience is most active >> Trends: Daily Details

Determine the success of the latest single in comparison to the previous release previous release >> Track Benchmark

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