Digital Sales Reporting

Ingesting your streaming data and financial reports

Revelator can automate your digital sales reporting, save you both time and energy in consolidating all of your files from the DSPs. Please see this article to understand how to set up your DSP integrations.

If you need to import or migrate digital sales reports from non-supported DSPs into your Revelator account, please fill out the information in this Digital Sales Reports worksheet.

You can also upload digital sales reports manually if the DSP does not provide an FTP or API to automate the retrieval of the files.

If you are a Merlin member, Revelator can help you connect to Merlin and automate your Digital Sales Report ingestion.

Revelator supports Daily Trends for customers that have either direct/Merlin deals or are distributing through Revelator for the following DSPs

  • iTunes

  • iTunes Match

  • Apple Music

  • Spotify (Bulk API)

  • Deezer

  • Amazon

  • Soundcloud

Speak to our Customer Success team to connect your services for Dailies and provide a list of DSPs you have direct deals with, Merlin deals, or Revelator deals.

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