Setting up your Supply Chain

Connecting you to DSPs

Revelator can power your digital supply chain if you have direct deals with DSPs or are a Merlin member. It can act as your digital distributor If you don't have relationships with DSPs,

Revelator can also sit on top of your existing distribution or delivery setup, and work just as your reporting and royalties platform, by connecting you to your streaming data and financial reports, streamlining and accelerating your team’s business operations workflows.

Please fill out the information in this Distribution worksheet to help us understand if you will be delivering under your own deals or distributing using Revelator deals.

Please make sure that your metadata is correct before distributing any legacy content via us. Also note that you will NOT be able to update/takedown any of your legacy content via us unless you migrate that catalog to us first.

Certain DSPs need to receive your full catalog via our connection with them before they'll accept any updates/takedowns from our feed for your content.

While you may deliver NEW releases, contact your Customer Success first if you need to do any updates/takedowns with your legacy catalog.

If this doesn't apply to you, skip to the next section.

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