Setting up your Account

Account password reset and login

Initial account configurations & settings

Log in to your account and add your configurations and settings in the relevant tabs under the left menu items:

- Account

- My Settings

Branding images & logos

Branding of account interface and emails that are seen by rights holders and users with company images and logos.

- Upload branded images to *Identity & branding* section accessible from the *Account* menu item.

Color scheme and font

Options to modify:



The default Revelator primary color is *Primary blue*. Buttons across the platform have the primary color as the background color.



The default Revelator dark color is *Dark blue*. Dark color appears often as a result of user actions, such as when hovering over buttons the background color changes from the primary color to the dark color.

- Provide the hex code of any color to be used. For example, *#4611ea*.

- The same color can be used for PrimaryColor and DarkColor

Font customization


Not all text in the platform can have the customized font, it would be applied in the following sections only:

  • Headers

  • Buttons

  • Tabs text

  • Navigation menu text

  • Input labels text

Customer to provide the fonts to be used.

Current fonts available in the platform:

  • Graphik

  • roboto

  • robotomedium

  • camcorder

Adding a custom domain

Please provide the chosen sub-domain URL for your white-label setup. Example:

  • Add the following to your DNS records (either maintained by your Domain Name Registrar or transferred to a 3rd party service, like Cloudflare):

  • Add a CNAME record pointing from your whitelabel URL to the following:

  • You may leave the TTL field to Auto (if that option is provided) or else change it to 300

  • *Note:* this procedure can take anywhere from a few minutes to 36 hours to show results as domain name servers across the internet need to register the change

Sigup/Login page

- **Signup/Login Page Title** (currently “CompanyName”) — please confirm that's what you want.

- **Signup Page Text** (currently “CompanyName | Signup”) — please confirm that's what you want.

- **Login Page Text** (currently “CompanyName | Login”) — please confirm that's what you want.

Email setup

- Branding images uploaded to account (recommended)

- **EmailFrom Address** (the one that will be used for all email communications with your users)

- **EmailFrom Name** (the name of the sender that will appear alongside the email address)

User support

- **FAQ URL**

- **Start page Help URL** (can be the same as FAQ)

- **IntercomAppId**

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