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Revelator To Do

Email authentication

- forward to Revelator onboarding team the email from the Mandrill email delivery service containing the company domain verification link

- add DKIM and SPF records to MX records with DNS provider/domain registrar so emails don't get flagged as spam as the volume increases, [click here](

Add backend monetization policies

**NOTE:** 'Block' should not be an option for YouTube ContentId

YT (307): Monetize or track

FB (310): Monetize, track or block

Create client accounts

##Accounts for existing rights holders/clients will be created based on the labels in the catalog that has been delivered to Revelator.

- Fill out the account information fields for each label listed in the linked spreadsheet [Client Accounts]

- Multiple labels can be under one account name

- One account owner can have multiple accounts

- In the case of a duplicate label that should not be used, enter an existing label name that the incorrect label should be merged into and leave the rest of the label's account info blank

~~##List the account permissions you would like to enable or disable for your clients upon account creation.~~

Lock distributed releases

White Label Onboarding Process Checklist To Do:

  1. Add Onboarding Process Checklist to Agreement w/ links to intercom

  2. Assign timetable to each task/deliverable

  3. Creating Intercom articles based on the above

  4. Create Email sequence for new White Label Customers w/guidelines for Onboarding & link to above articles

    1. Welcome,

      1. Account Configurations (self service) which includes:

    2. Second Email: Catalog Ingestion

    3. Supply Chain

    4. Royalty Contracts & Payments

  5. Work w/ Alain to automate workflow in RevAdmin

  6. Establish better oversight of onboarding progress & bottlenecks across all customers

  7. Establish better view of Customer Subscriptions/Plans/Permissions

Automated Emails?

Welcome, here is the on boarding form. Tell them what will happen as soon as they submit the form.

This email should be sent as soon as the intercom account is created.

2. Check out the playbook and the kb.

Doesn't matter if they have their login yet.

3. (Assuming they have their login) Learn more about assets/catalog; get started. Point to articles about getting their catalog in shape.

If you are transferring an existing catalog from Fuga, see X.

If you are manually adding your catalog, see Y.

4. Connect your services.

This is what services are and what they do. If you have deals like this do that, and if you need help, talk to Yoktan.

5. Rights and Payees.

Learn about contracts and how to create them, etc.

6. Sales Reports

7. Analytics

8. Royalties

9. Payments

10. Inviting team members/ rights holders

We need to define how we communicate to users how to invite team members vs rights holders

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