Digital Sales Reporting

Connecting your Data Sources

- for any services that you have direct deals with, add reporting credentials to your Revelator account from _Services>Reporting_

Royalty contracts & payments

- **DefaultContractTermsRate**: please let us know the % for your default contract; for the sake of clarity it is best if you write out exactly the way you want the default contract to operate (any deductions, any considerations aside from a straight %, etc.)

- **Minimum payment threshold** (The sum under which you won't actually proceed with a payment to your rights-holders — this is done to save on payout fees.)

- **Paypal**: If you will be using Paypal for royalty payments, add your credentials to your account from _Services>Payments>Paypal_

Contract import template:


Upon request, we can provide a template spreadsheet for batch inserting contracts:

- Fill out the corresponding fields in the contract insert tabs by carefully following the instructions and reading any applicable notes throughout.

- There is 'Sample Data' for guidance as well.

User agreements

please provide in pdf format:

- **Distribution Agreement** (for acceptance by users)

- **Site Usage & Privacy Policy** (for acceptance by users; one document with usage & privacy policies)

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