Easily mint and sell NFT collectibles for your artists

Our Mission

Revelator empowers music businesses to unlock new economic opportunities for their artists and strengthen their communities through NFTs.

We are the leading provider of digital IP infrastructure to music companies worldwide and we're reshaping digital ownership to power the music 3.0 economy by increasing speed, accuracy, and transparency in rights management, digital supply chain, and royalty distribution.

Our goal is to make creative IP accessible and profitable to everyone.

Why use Revelator to Mint NFTs?

Our Revelator Pro platform is the first in the market to integrate web3 functionality alongside digital music supply chain, royalties & reporting. Labels, management companies, distributors, and aggregators can provide this service to their artists without understanding blockchain, cryptocurrency, or incurring any gas fees.

Our NFT service allows you to easily mint, manage and sell your NFT collections via your own storefront. Your storefront can accept both cryptocurrency and credit cards as payment via Stripe.

As part of this service, we offer non-custodial wallet creation, crypto-to-fiat off-ramps, web3 reporting, and royalty accounting for your NFTs in one seamless experience.

Who has access to Revelator Pro's NFT service?

The NFT service from Revelator Pro is available for all customers who wish to start using it.

If you would like access to Revelator's NFT features, please contact your customer success representative to let them know.

Our NFT service requires zero configuration from your side. Once our team has given you access, your customer account manager will offer you 1:1 sessions to learn how to create, mint and list NFTs on behalf of your artists.

Please begin to make yourself familiar with our NFT service using the guides linked below.

Getting Started

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