Our Fees Explained

Learn about the fees involved with minting and listing your NFTs.

Minting and Listing Assets

We do not charge any fees for minting or listing an asset, however minting or listing an asset does still incur a blockchain related network fee (gas) that is needed to record the NFT on blockchains. Revelator uses the Polygon network to ensure maximum security for minimum cost so the minting fees are very low at less than one cent of a US Dollar.

You can always check the current Polygon gas costs here.

In order to make your life easier, we will cover all gas costs involved for the time being, while presenting the cost of every single blockchain interaction on screen pending your approval and allowing you to easily track those costs on your wallet.

Market Fee

The only fee we charge on your seller side is a 5% Market Service Fee that is deducted from the sale price only when an NFT is sold.

For example, if an NFT is listed for $10 you will receive a $9.50 credit on your account. The amounts will be deposited to your account in the currency that was paid by the user.

Credit Card Fee

In cases where the buyer has paid with their credit card, the buyer will be charged a 4% Credit Card Fee. This covers both domestic and international card rates as well as any future network related gas costs of transferring the NFT to a private non-custodial wallet.

For example, if an NFT listed for $10 is purchased with a credit card, the buyer will pay $10.40 and you as the seller will receive $9.5 after both fees have been accounted for. Whereas if the buyer pays with MATIC (the native token for Polygon) they will only pay $10 + the current network fee (gas) and you will still receive $9.5 in MATIC.

Credit Card Payment Withholding Period

All credit card purchases have a 60 day holding period imposed by Stripe (our payment gateway provider) to allow for chargebacks.

After 60 days you can withdraw the funds you've received via credit card purchases. In specific situations where a large amount accumulates and is still within the withholding period we can look into freeing up some of the payments on an ad-hoc basis. By comparison, all MATIC (and other cryptocurrency) receivables are immediately available for use.

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