Setting Up Your Storefront

Sell NFTs directly to fans.

Storefront Creation

When Revelator NFTs are enabled for your account, we automatically create an NFT storefront for you hosted at This storefront is connected to your Revelator Pro enterprise ID, meaning that any NFT items you mint and list for sale will be listed directly on your storefront for fans to purchase.

Accessing Your Storefront

A link to your storefront is available from the Collectibles page, next to the Mint NFT button top right. Clicking View storefront will open your storefront page in a new tab.

Rather than showing everything your account has minted, your storefront will only display NFT items currently for sale alongside those that have sold out (i.e. NFTs with no remaining editions for sale).

Customizing Your Storefront

You can customize how your storefront appears to potential buyers from your account settings within Revelator Pro.

To customize your storefront, go to your Account Settings, and open the NFT Storefront page from the account settings menu.

The following can be customized:

  • Storefront Name: The name buyers see on your storefront page.

  • Storefront Logo: Appears next to your storefront name (600x600px JPG, JPEG, PNG, JFIF recommended and 1MB max file size).

  • Storefront Banner: Appears at the top of your storefront (600x600px JPG, JPEG, PNG, JFIF recommended and 1MB max file size).

Please follow our specifications when uploading images to avoid issues with your logo or banner image.

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