Receiving Royalties From Secondary Sales

Get paid royalties each time your NFT is re-sold

Enable Resale Royalties

In our complete guide to creating your first NFT we discussed how you could set your NFT items resale royalties at the time of minting. By enabling resale royalties for your NFT, you will receive ongoing revenue related to your inventory each time your NFT item is re-sold by fans to other parties via third-party marketplaces (such as OpenSea).

You can set the royalty % between 0.01% to 50% max.

As part of enabling resale royalties, you must also define a royalty recipient 0x address. By default your accounts Revelator wallet is pre-filled. This means royalties will accrue in your Revelator Pro account for you to withdraw and pay to your rights holders.

You can alternatively set the royalty recipient to any other wallet or smart contract address of your choosing. If you do decide to do this, please ensure the address you input is correct, as it cannot be changed once your NFT is minted.


When do I receive royalties from NFT items sold?

Say one of your NFTs is purchased from your storefront. The following will occur:

  • The Sale price amount (less our service fee) goes to your wallet in Revelator Pro.

  • NFT items sold will move to the buyers wallet/account (outside of Revelator Pro).

  • You will still be able to track the item from the sold tab in your Collectibles page.

Now the buyer may decide to hold the NFT for an extended period or they may re-list it for sale on third-party marketplaces such as OpenSea.

When the buyer sells the NFT, the following will occur:

  • Sale price amount (minus the royalty %) will go to the buyer who listed it for sale.

  • Royalty % will go to the royalty recipient (defined in the NFT at creation)

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