What are Revelator NFTs

Revelator NFTs enable new revenue streams for music businesses, catalog owners, and creators by generating NFTs that can be purchased using MATIC or credit cards via custom storefronts.

Revelator NFTs are digital assets in the form of collectibles that can be issued by any Revelator Pro (admin) account that has the NFT feature enabled.

NFTs can be a single edition (1 unique copy) or have multiple copies of the same media file, using the EIP1155 standard.

All media and metadata minted with the digital asset are stored on IPFS and they are immutable, which means they cannot be changed once they are minted to the blockchain. Revelator NFTs support audio, images and video media types.

Each NFT minted can be bought by anyone with a web3 wallet that supports Polygon or using any major credit card (settled via Stripe).

MATIC is the native token of the Polygon blockchain

All primary sale proceeds are collected in your Revelator Pro admin account. We have designed our architecture to allow these proceeds to be received in the format they are settled in (i.e. in the form paid by the buyer) either by requesting a Fiat cash-out after a 60-day holding period for credit card purchases when they are cleared or by cashing out your MATIC proceeds into a privately held non-custodial wallet.

Apart from primary sales, Revelator NFT contracts can specify a secondary sales royalty rate. Secondary sales happen when the initial NFT buyer sells the NFT on third-party marketplaces such as OpenSea or Rarible, which enforce royalty payments. The recipient of these royalties can be defined by the Revelator Pro account at the time of minting.

Primary Sales refer to the first time the NFT is sold from the storefront associated with the Revelator Pro account, whereas Secondary Sales refer to future earnings from the NFT trading activity.

NFTs serve as digital collectibles that can be used to distribute rare, exclusive, or derivative content, as well as copies of the content, shared via popular web2 platforms. In the future, Revelator plans to offer additional utilities to be connected to these web3 digital assets, allowing fan reward mechanisms, unlocking perks, or access to exclusive events.

What's in store for Revelator NFTs

In addition to the several business models Revelator is building on top of its NFT service, automated payment flows of primary and secondary sales will be added, allowing labels and management companies to predefine and solidify royalty distribution to creators and collaborators as part of the immutable NFT contract data.

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