Accessing The Feature

Mint and list NFTs for sale on your storefront

If you would like access to Revelator NFTs, please contact your customer success manager or email

Accessing Revelator NFTs

Once enabled, go to to access

Please sign in using your existing account email and password, and navigate to your Catalog. From here there is a new section, WEB 3, where you can open the Collectibles page to get started.

About the Collectibles page

Within Collectibles, you can create new NFT items, manage your existing NFT inventory, and access your customer-facing NFT storefront.

Here's a brief overview of the page tabs shown here:

  • For Sale: NFTs you currently have listed for sale on your storefront.

  • Sold: When an NFT item sells (even just 1 edition of many), it will be shown under Sold items.

  • All: All NFTs you mint will appear here, regardless of whether they are for sale, not for sale or sold.

NFT items can be minted on behalf of your artists or published as an enterprise-level digital collectible under your own brand.

Please note, that whether minting on behalf of an artist or under your own brand, you must have the rights and permission of the content owner(s) to mint the digital content and list it for sale. This includes our staging environment used for testing purposes too.

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