How To Buy An NFT

How fans can purchase NFTs from your storefront

Once you have an inventory available for sale on your storefront, your fans are instantly able to buy these items using their credit card or a cryptocurrency wallet that supports Polygon (such as Metamask, Coinbase Wallet and more).

The Purchase Flow

Here's how anyone can purchase one of your NFTs:

1. Discovering the NFT

Your fans need to be made aware that your item is available for sale. As discussed in our guide on listing your NFTs for sale, your fans can access it via the items public URL. Be sure to include this URL in any of your marketing / social media campaigns or share it directly with fans wherever you communicate with them.

2. Clicking "Collect now"

If a fan decides to purchase an NFT they must first click the "Collect Now" button from the NFT items public page in order to proceed. This button is located below the items header area next to the display of the NFT price.

3. Choose crypto or credit card

There are two different processes depending on the method of payment. The fan must decide if they are paying with crypto using their web3 wallet or paying with their credit card.

Paying with crypto

If they choose to pay with crypto from their wallet, they will be required to connect their wallet in order to proceed.

Paying with a credit card

If they chose to pay with their credit card, they will be required to sign up with email to create a Stripe account and then sign in using their newly created Stripe account information. Once the account is created, the fan can buy additional NFT items using the same email address associated with their account.

4. Review fees

Prior to purchase it's worth noting that the total is higher than the listed price for that NFT. This is due to network fees (“gas”) and, if you’re paying with a card, we charge a service fee to the buyer to process their transaction. To learn more about our fees, see our fees explained.

5. Complete the purchase

Once the buyer has signed up or signed in, and entered any necessary information (such as their credit card details), they will click to proceed with their purchase.

As purchasing NFTs requires a blockchain transaction on Polygon, it may sometimes take a few moments to complete and added time for the NFT item to update with the buyer as a new owner.

6. Receive a confirmation email

If a buyer purchased with their credit card, they will receive an email with details of the new NFTs and instructions on how they can view it online.

Buyers who paid via their wallet will be able to follow the transaction and view the NFT in their held in wallet's assets.

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