Paying With Crypto

Checkout using a crypto wallet

When paying with crypto, the buyer will need to connect their wallet in order to use any stored MATIC to pay for the purchase of an NFT. We currently offer support for connecting the following crypto wallets:

WalletConnect is an SDK that many third-party wallets can implement in order to offer decentralised app authentication.

1. Connecting A Wallet

The customer will follow the instructions presented onscreen for their chosen wallet in order to connect it to your Revelator Storefront. In some cases, there may be some added setup to ensure they are on the correct blockchain network before they can proceed to checkout.

2. MATIC Required For Payment

In order to proceed with checkout the buyer must first ensure they have enough MATIC in order to pay for the item they wish to purchase. If they have insufficient funds, the Revelator UI will alert them to this and they will need to acquire additional funds in order to proceed.

3. Confirming Checkout

When a buyer proceeds with the payment, their wallet will prompt them to approve the transaction to purchase the NFT item. On confirming the transaction, the following will happen:

  1. The sale price amount (minus our service fee) will be sent to your smart wallet in Revelator Pro

  2. The NFT item will then be sent to the buyer's wallet address (outside of Revelator Pro)

4. Once the purchase Is completed

When the purchase is completed, the buyer will see the NFT item held in their wallet and also on their own Revelator NFT buyer showcase page. They will also appear in the NFT items Owners list on the public URL for the item, and item details within Revelator Pro.

Later on, they can choose to hold the NFT in their digital wallet, move it to a different wallet or resell it on third-party marketplaces.

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