Managing Your NFT Inventory

List items for sale and see what's been sold.

The Collectibles page is organized in 3 tabs:

  • For Sale: NFTs you currently have listed for sale on your storefront.

  • Sold: When an NFT item sells (even just 1 edition of many), it will be shown under Sold items.

  • All: All NFTs you mint will appear here, regardless of whether they are for sale, not for sale, or sold.

Tracking Inventory

In our complete guide to creating your first NFT we discussed how you could set your NFT supply at the time of minting your item. This allows you to setup NFTs that are a one-of-a-kind item or NFT collections that have 1,000 copies available.

It's important to note that when listing your item for sale, if it's a limited edition of multiple copies, you are able to list a variable quantity for sale as part of a planned release schedule.

For example, if you mint an NFT with 100 editions, you may choose to list only the first 25 editions for sale initially. Once this release has sold out, you may list the next 25 and so on until you have sold out.

Alternatively, if you plan to release multiple "drops" of the same or similar NFT items as part of your marketing strategy, you can mint multiple NFTs where the volume/drop # is included as part of the title or description.

You can track NFT editions available via the summary seen when viewing as a grid or the "Editions" column when viewing as a list.

Tracking Ownership

When you sell NFT items, the fans that buy your item can be tracked via the NFT's details.

To see the current owners of an NFT listed for sale or one that sold out:

  1. Navigate to your Collectibles page, and open the For Sale or Sold tab

  2. Open an item that is currently "For Sale" or "Sold out"

  3. From the NFT item details, open the Owners page

From here you can view some basic details (If available) about the NFT items current owner(s).

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