Your NFTs On Third-Party Marketplaces

Your NFTs are compatible with third-parties

By default, any marketplace that indexes NFTs minted on the Polygon blockchain are able to retrieve and interact with the NFTs you mint from Revelator Pro.

Revelator mints NFT items using the ERC-1155 token standard, and most NFT marketplaces actively support this standard and can display your items on their UI.

To view your NFTs on OpenSea:

  1. Navigate to your Collectibles page, and open any NFT item.

  2. From the NFT items details, click the ⠇ button to view actions available

  3. Click View on OpenSea to open your item on OpenSea's website in a new tab

From here you will be viewing your NFT as a potential buyer on OpenSea.

Even though your item is not listed for sale on OpenSea, potential buyers can still make offers to purchase your item from here.

If you'd like to list your NFT item on OpenSea (or any other third-party marketplace), please see our guide on listing NFTs for sale on third parties. And once you've sold your NFTs to fans, they are then able to re-sell them via OpenSea and any other third-party marketplaces that support NFTs on Polygon - See our next article on secondary sales for more.

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