From the main navigation menu click Royalties, then click on Payments.

  • Overview: View all recent payments in easy to browse graphs and score cards. You can easily add a new transaction or payee, and export or import previous transactions as CSV files.

  • Payments: View all payments paid, pending or failed. Payments are fully searchable and may be filtered by payment method and/or status.

  • Pay with PayPal: Select all payees, individual payees, or by setting specific criteria in search and/or filters. Once payees are selected, click the “Pay” CTA.

    • A payment to all payees will be paid on [date] through PayPal in the amount of the current balance due to each payee.

    • A pop up will show with the option to include a note to go out with your PayPal payment.

    • By hitting the PAY button you will be performing a money transfer through the selected payment method.

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