Welcome to Revelator

Revelator is a best-in-class music IP platform, providing digital delivery, music distribution, income tracking, analytics, royalty accounting, and payment services serving Merlin members, record labels, distributors and artist management businesses around the world.

Revelator makes it easy to manage all your business processes by unifying your content management, digital supply chain, rights administration, income tracking, consumption reporting, analytics, royalties and payments in one powerful platform.

We’re excited to offer our users a complete guide to getting the most out of Revelator. In this Playbook, you will find best practices, tips, and strategies to build your music business and audience on Revelator. We hope you find this information helpful and we are always here if you have any questions or feedback.

We are excited that you have chosen Revelator to power your music business. We have put together this onboarding guide to streamline the process of onboarding your catalog, activating your supply chain, ingesting your right and reporting data as smoothly as possible.

The Playbook’s Purpose

This Playbook is designed to help you take your music business to the next level. It offers guidance on how to upload, sell, and manage your music assets, as well as track, report and analyze your data. We have tried to present our suggestions to encourage a variety of uses, and to inspire music creators and rights holders alike to innovate and apply the approach that works best for you.

How to Use This Playbook

No two music catalogs are created alike, and no two rights holders will use Revelator exactly the same way. Our platform gives you the freedom and flexibility to be creative and use our myriad features to sell, manage and promote your music. Our hope is that you will be inspired to try new things and discover new possibilities in optimizing your content.

We highly recommend reading the Revelator's Playbook, the official guide to using the Revelator platform.

The Playbook is designed to help you take your music business to the next level and offers guidance on metadata style guide best practices, managing your assets, delivering content to DSPs, administering rights, consolidating your sales reporting, tracking revenue, analyzing your data, running royalty operations, and paying your rights holders.

It's a lot to master, but Revelator simplifies these processes so you can focus on growing your business.

You can also access Revelator’s help articles & additional documentation here. For technical support, email support.

Playbook Structure

Our best practices are laid out in stages to help you understand each point and guide you through them. We provide step-by-step instructions on how to use each feature, and why we think you’ll benefit from it. Then we will give you examples to illustrate each feature.

Your Success Is Our Mission

We learn so much from our clients, and that’s why we constantly strive to find new tips and trends to share with you. As our platform evolves and we offer even more features, we will update our Playbook and our website with new tips and strategies for you. Check back for updates so you can continue to grow your fan base and take your business to the next stage.


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