How do I connect my services?

Use the Revelator platform to connect your services. This makes it easy for Revelator to ingest your content and publish it on various channels. For example, connecting to iTunes and YouTube allows our platform to retrieve your catalog metadata and synchronize your sales reports and daily trends. You must have a direct deal with iTunes and know your iTunes Connect vendor ID, email or password.

Your data is safe - we can only read data from the selected service, and we can never overwrite any of your data on the service.

Connect your services with Revelator

  1. Navigate to Services in the left main menu.

  2. In the Connect your services page, click All to view a list of all available services to which you can connect. To filter the list by type, click Distribution, Reporting, or Payments.

It is recommended to filter the list in order to avoid getting confused between 2 cards for the same service.

  1. Click the relevant service to which you want to connect, and fill in the required information. The required information will vary according to the service you selected. For example, click Apple Music.

The following panel opens.

Pay attention to the help text inside the fields, as shown in the figure below.

Spotify has 2 sets of different credentials, as shown in the figure below.

  1. Click Connect.

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