How do I set up my account?

Set up your account. Use the Revelator platform to manage your account, payout preferences, and billing.

How do I change my account settings?

  • Navigate to Account in the left main menu. In the Account page, you can change your account information, payment preferences, and billing details.

How do I change the currency to display in my statements and reports?

  • In the Account page, in the Account defaults section, select the default currency format (EUR, USD, GBP) to display in all your statements and analytics, and click Set currency.

You can set this only once! You will not be able to change it after it is set..

How do I change the language to display in my release information and statements?

  • In the Account page, select the default language that you want to display in your release information and statements, and click Set language.

How can I personalize Revelator with my company logo/brand identity?

  • In the Account page, in the Identity & Branding section, click + to browse and add your logo to your main menu dashboard, to your statements, and to your portal browser tab when your clients view your statements, and click Save images.

How can I invite my team members to access my account?

  • In the Account page, in the Add a team member section, click Invite new member, grant the team member various access permissions, and click Invite. To view a team member’s permissions from your Account page, from the Actions menu next to the name of the team member displayed in the Add a team member section, click View permissions.

How can I create separate accounts for each artist/company?

  • In the Account page, in the Create another separate account section, click Create another account to create a separate account for each artist or company that you want to manage. The content, revenue, and accounting for each account will be kept separate.

How can I manage my payout preferences?

  • In the Payout preferences tab of the Account page, you can view and modify your payee info and payout preferences. The settings are described in following tables (mandatory settings are marked by an asterisk*).

Payee info

Payee info setting



Whether the payment is to a Company or Individual (not incorporated).

Payee name*

The legal name of the payee.

Email(s) for statement notifications & portal access*

The email address of the payee.

Tax ID number

The Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) used for tax purposes in the United States.

VAT number

The Value Added Tax (VAT) identification number used for tax purposes in many countries, including the countries of the European Union.

Vendor ID

The optional Vendor ID assigned by the payor.

Payment preference

Payment preference setting


Min. payment threshold

The minimum amount to be paid out.

Statement currency

You can enter a different currency than your account’s reconciliation currency for this payee’s statement.

Payment method

Specify the payment method and then fill out the appropriate fields.

PayPal email*

How do I update my billing info and view my billing history?

  • In the Billing tab of the Account page, you can manage your billing. To add or update your credit card info, click the Add/edit your credit card info link at the top of the Billing page, fill in the required fields, and click Subscribe. To view your billing history, click the Billing history link at the top of the Billing page.

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