Distributing and Delivering your music

Distributing your creative assets for download and streaming is completely streamlined within Revelator. You can monitor all live or pending releases, and the current status of each release regarding which services it is currently available on or in delivery to. Releases that have had errors in delivery or have been taken down for any reason are also identified so that you can resolve any issues.

Delivering your music to the services

  • Distribution

    • Overview

      • Search: Enter a release's title or UPC to find it and view its full distribution details.

      • Recent releases: A highlight of the most recent albums delivered to DSPs. Click View all to see a list of all live releases currently available publicly.

      • Releases by type: A chart describing the percentage of albums, singles, EPs and other release types currently delivered to DSPs.

      • Releases by status: A chart describing the percentage of releases from your catalog currently live, in delivery, in delivery error or having other delivery statuses. The percentages are calculated from the total of all DSPs selected for each release.

      • Your to do's: A highlight of your releases that are either in progress or have errors in delivery.

      • Insights (by UPC): A highlight tallying the current status of all releases.

Additionally, the following actions are available in the overview tab:

      • Create a new release: This will navigate to the Create new release page within Assets.

      • Distribute an existing release: This allows you to deliver a release that has already been uploaded to Revelator.

      • Export Catalog: Download a spreadsheet of all current assets in the distribution chain.

    • Queue

This tab contains all releases that are in progress to be delivered or taken down from the selected DSPs. Releases are separated into three categories:

      • In delivery: Releases listed here have been marked for delivery but have not been confirmed as delivered to at least one store or service.

      • Errors: Releases listed here have failed to complete delivery to or takedown from at least one requested store or service.

      • Takedowns: Releases listed here are in progress to be taken down from any service that received an associated takedown request.

Click on any release in the queue to expand details about its delivery status. Hover the cursor over any release and an Actions dropdown menu will appear. Click the menu to select from the following two options:

      • Resend release: Send a new delivery of a release to selected DSPs in order to update the release on the service and/or resolve errors.

      • Request takedown: Remove the release from the selected DSPs or terminate its delivery.

    • Live

This tab contains a list of all assets that have been delivered to and are currently available on at least one DSP.

Click on any release to expand details about its delivery status. Hover the cursor over any release and an Actions dropdown menu will appear. Click the menu to select from the following options:

      • Deliver to more: Send the release to select DSPs where the release is not yet available.

      • Resend release: Send a new delivery of a release to selected DSPs in order to update the release on the service.

      • Request takedown: Remove the release from the selected DSPs.

      • View metadata: View an overview of the release as it appears in Assets.

    • Stores & services

This tab shows the status of your entire catalog by all available DSPs. Sort in ascending or descending order for each category - In progress, Delivered, May-be live, Live, and Error.

    • Batch Deliver

This tab allows you to bach deliver or takedown your catalog to a specific DSP.

      • Select assets to deliver by PayeeID, LabelID, ArtistID and static list of releases.

      • Multiple fields can be used as and values can be inserted in each field comma separated.

Metadata Inspection

Certain account types that manage distribution for a multitude of self-uploading artists are provided with a Metadata Inspection interface. This tool is designed to be collaborative so that the inspection process can be managed by a team, and it further provides some automation to correct metadata issues.

An additional feature of the Metadata Inspector provides a set of canned texts that you may quickly select to identify the issue and notify your clients via email how to resolve it. You can review these canned texts here.

For our clients without access to this tool (as well as for anyone needing a handy reference on the metadata guidelines established by the leading DSPs), please refer to the Metadata Styleguide in Appendix A.

Distribution Status Emails

As your release progresses through the various stages of delivery to the DSPs, you (or your users) will receive the following status emails (unless you have chosen to turn off these emails):

  1. Confirmation that you have requested to distribute/deliver a release. This email will further list all the DSPs that you have requested your release to be sent to.

  2. Confirmation that your release has been delivered to the DSP.

  3. Confirmation that your release is now live on a certain DSP. Please note:

    1. Most DSPs provide no automated method to establish whether a release is actually live on their service. In such cases, we will automatically indicate (without verification) that your release is live after a certain amount of time based on our experience of how long it takes this DSP to make content live.

    2. For those DSPs that provide a method to verify whether a release is indeed live (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Yandex and a few others), the email will further contain a link to your release on the DSP’s website.

  4. An email is also sent if an error has occurred during the distribution process.

  5. You will additionally receive a confirmation email when issuing a takedown request from a DSP.

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